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Table of Contents:

  1. Reading books
  2. Excuses vs. Benefits of reading books
  3. Dangers of being ignorant
  4. The most read book in the world
  5. Conclusion

Reading books

When was your last time you read a book?

Reading books is extremely important. If you read books avidly apparently you obtain lots of good information. As a result, you become knowledgeable.

Reading books is completely overlooked by most people across the world. Most adults don’t read because they are unconscious about the essence of reading. Countless people stop reading books by the time they complete high school, never to open a book again. Unfortunately, school books are not that informative because formal education is very deficient. Real knowledge is found in bookshops.

In this so-called modern world, people get so much involved in most pressing challenges and activities they believe to be interesting. Going to work, browsing the internet, looking for money, decadence, social media, etc., consume most of people’s time. None the less, reading books is not part of their schedule.

The biggest challenge most people are unaware that mind needs sharpening, it needs stimulation, it needs to be maintained and principally; it needs continual development. Well maintained mind functions at its best. Neglected mind is dysfunctional all the time.

Ignorant people you get to know them by the way they speak, behave, and live – they are disorganised. The difference between ignorant people and knowledgeable people – ignorant people are foolish knowledgeable people are wise. Foolishness is not sold anywhere; it is a fatal disease acquired by persons who refuse to learn. Wisdom is not sold anywhere; it is a reward for persons who are hungry for knowledge.

Ignorant people are destroying this world. All sufferings of this world are caused by ignorant people. Wars, poverty, diseases, corruption, inequality, crime, inflation, etc. – things don’t just happen. Bad things happen due to mistakes and carelessness. And the root trigger of all mistakes and carelessness is unwillingness to enhance the mind.

Mistakes and carelessness happen due to failure in thinking. Failure to think occurs due to lack of knowledge. Lack of knowledge occurs due to failure in acquiring enough of good knowledge. Failure to acquire enough of good knowledge leads to complete destruction. Reading books is the only dependable source of acquiring knowledge.

Excuses vs. Benefits of reading books

Benefits of reading books avidly are countless. Some people never realised that a person does not live on bread and butter only. A person primarily exists due to the amount of good knowledge in their mind. The more of good knowledge a person possesses the better. An empty mind leads to instant death – because a person can live whilst dead – mobile corpse. Muscle does not make a person strong, eating books make a person strong. 

Dangers of being ignorant

Ignorant people are more dangerous than poisonous poison. By all means, do your best to stay away from ignorant people. If you keep company with ignorant people you will be like them. If you associate yourself with five totally ignorant chaps, so it means you will be the sixth one.

There is factual ignorance (absence of knowledge of some fact), object ignorance (unacquaintance with some object) and technical ignorance (absence of knowledge to do something. Principally, real ignorance is when a person chooses to be incapable of doing or practising most crucial things in life and living. Every one of us must strive to know how to love, understand, think and reason. Because the root cause of conflict is ignorance. By factors of thinking all humans meet.

The biggest challenge about ignorant people is that they refuse to learn – they feel complacent. They are stuck in one place. They don’t want to move forward. Their minds are dying every day. Ever since, I have never witnessed a successful ignorant/foolish person.

The worst danger is intellectual bankruptcy.

Once you embrace ignorance then intellectual bankruptcy becomes your best companion. Intellectual bankruptcy is a phrase I have coined to define a person who opts to lack the ability to think. Intellectual bankruptcy is completely fatal and gives rise to such serious diseases like low reasoning capacity, poor judgement, lack of emotional intelligence, fear, lack of definite purpose, mistakes, carelessness, extravagance, hedonism, etc.

That is what comes about whenever you stop reading books avidly – it really happens whenever you stop increasing your knowledge incessantly – you become an intellectually bankrupt animal.

The most read book in the world – the bestselling book of all time

According to the Genesis world record as of 1995, the Holy Bible is the bestselling book of all time with an estimated 5 billion copies sold and distributed worldwide.

The reason why the Bible is the bestseller and most read book on earth is because people are curious, they are desperate. People want to know who they are. The Bible talks about no any other book talks about on earth. It gives an account of human creation, what went wrong and the solution. For more information it requires you to read the Holy Bible yourself.  For a comprehensive list of books related to the Holy Bible, follow this link: The Holy Bible & related books.


Intellectual bankruptcy is killing millions and millions of people every day. It is the number one killer. However, people accept to be killed by intellectual bankruptcy unnecessarily, because plenty of good knowledge is readily available. This is the information age. The choice is yours – choose intellectual bankruptcy and get killed or choose to read books avidly and survive.

Well informed people are resilient, resourceful, quick-witted, men of action not men of thoughts, leaders not followers, fearless, go-getters, peace makers, creatives. The reason well informed people are well informed it’s because they read books avidly – they are hungry for knowledge. They are eager to learn. Ignoramuses deserve the worst.

I reiterate:

The choice is yours – choose intellectual bankruptcy and get killed or choose to read books avidly and survive.

Lack of knowledge is killing millions and millions of people every day. If you play or waste time, you will suffer a lot. Press the button below for the most practical solutions.

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